The Principles of Winning at Horse Racing

If you want to make money at the track, and we're betting you do! If your reading this, then we assume that you want to win at horse racing. Sadly or gladlymost people do not win at horse racing.

Fear not, however, as the reason that most people lose is because they are not like us. They do not study horse racing and handicapping information. They do not have a game play for handicapping and betting on horse races. In short, they are content to throw their money into the pari-mutuel pool blindly and hope they get lucky. Follow our Seven Point Plan for winning at horse racing. Winning at horse racing takes effort.

If winning at horse racing were easy, everybody would be doing it. It is impossible to win at horse racing, or any other type of gambling, if you do not have a sound money management plan.

The question is, what constitutes a sound money management plan when it comes to horse racing? Optimal Betting is based on a make money gambling horses principal called the Kelly Criterion.

It recommends that you bet a percentage of your bankroll based on your "edge" over the game. Your edge, can be expressed as follows:. With Optimal Betting, it is imperative that you always know your edge. This means that you must keep betting records so that you know your win percentage, and average win mutuel. Betting records will also help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses as a handicapper. More on that later. You should adjust your edge with every wagers or so.

If your edge decreases, so does your wager. If your edge increases, your wager increases. Please be careful when increasing your wager. The reason for this is simple - there can be long losing streaks when you are betting on horse racing. Tapping out makes it impossible to win at horse racing. A more conservative approach to money management is to bet a flat percentage of your bankroll on each race.

A compromise between Optimal Betting and flat percentage betting is to bet a higher percentage on lower priced horses and a lower percentage on longshots. The size of your bankroll depends largely upon the amount that you are comfortable betting on the races. Your standard wager size is also commonly referred to as a "unit.

An example using the above criteria follows. This is, in our opinion, far too conservative. A good rule of thumb to follow is to have a bankroll of at least 50 times your normal betting unit, but times is even better. The underlying factor regarding bankroll size is that you want to have enough money to ride out long losing streaks.

Limiting your wagering to situations where you have both value and price is an important winning factor that many otherwise good handicappers often overlook. Contrary to popular belief, make money gambling horses a winning horseplayer is not about picking a high percentage of winners. Rather, it is about finding good betting opportunities based on value and price. So exactly what are value and price? The make money gambling horses are usually used interchangeably, but it should be clearly stated that value and price are not the same thing.

Simply put, price check this out your reward for taking a risk. The greater your risk, the greater your price should be. We, however, are greedy and always insist on price even when our perceived risk is not that great. The minimum price I always want is odds. I actually want better than that, but will settle for if I really like a horse.

Even make money gambling horses the slowest of racing days, there are many, many horse races run in North America. On prime racing days, there are literally hundreds of races run. Each race represents a betting opportunity. These opportunities, however, are not created equal.

Believe it or not - please believe it - most horse races are poor wagering opportunities. Make money gambling horses horseplayers wait for good betting opportunities, then pound the hell out of them.

These days, most of the people who go to the track to watch live races are either a losing players, or 2 are "old school" folks who don't have an Internet connection. Why are most of the players who go to the track losers? They are losers because they make money gambling horses there for the social aspect of racing and are prone to betting every race on the card, and betting it poorly at that.

I am generalizing here and understand learn more here there make money gambling horses always exceptions. The winning horseplayer is make money gambling horses likely to be betting on horse races at an Off Track Betting OTB venue or in the privacy of their own home.

Because they can review many races and bet only the races where they can get both value and price. Here is a winning factor that you don't really see discussed. A common axiom among horseplayers is bc casino in best there are many different ways to win at racing.

Some handicappers use a speed-based method, others use pace, while others check this out use esoteric ratings of their own creation. Each handicapping methodology, and there are make money gambling horses of them, has its own advantages and disadvantages. The important thing is that a horseplayer master whatever method they use. Too many horseplayers decide to purchase a handicapping book or buy handicapping software, then quickly discard it when it make money gambling horses to be a Black Box.

Handicapping, no matter what method you use, involves a lot of reading between the lines. Make money gambling horses finding the winner were as easy as always make money gambling horses the highest rated horse, we see more all be millionaires.

Handicapping, however, is not that easy. The true secret to handicapping is to correctly interpret the information being presented and to then apply make money gambling horses correctly when structuring wagers. If you don't have a handicapping plan, you're going to be a loser.

All successful gamblers, whether they are card players, card counters, sports bettors, craps players or horseplayers, have a plan. In order to have a plan, you must first determine what kind of horseplayer you make money gambling horses. If so, you need to be willing to grind make money gambling horses a profit playing straight bets win, place, show and exactas.

Conservative players try to hit a high percentage of winners at overlaid prices. They don't go overboard going for large exotics scores.

Maybe you are more inclined to go for the big score than you are to grind it out. If this is the case, then you need to focus on trifectas, superfectas and serial wagers such as the Pick 3 or Pick 4.

Or, maybe you like playing pricey winners but always with visit web page and going for exotics scores. Whatever type of player you are, you must have a plan.

This plan must encompass everything involving your horse betting game including the contender selection process, money management, correct bet structuring and record keeping. In short, your plan should encompass everything on this webpage.

Record keeping may very well be the most important aspect of winning at horse racing. After all, how do you even know whether or not you are winning or losing if you don't keep records? Keeping records of your horse racing bets does more for you than just telling you if you are ahead or make money gambling horses. It also helps to show your strengths and weaknesses as a handicapper. Perhaps you are awesome at picking winners in juvenile 2 year old maiden races, but terrible at graded stakes races for older horses.

What if you didn't know this? What if you thought the opposite were true? Record keeping will tell you how well you are doing at handicapping races, betting them, and where your strengths and weaknesses lay. In short, record keeping is truth. Winners keep records while losers remain in denial. Our record keeping is very straightforward. The headers we use for our record keeping are listed below.

Record keeping can be done in a spreadsheet, or if you know how, you can use a database. Using a database is of great assistance when making queries into your handicapping proficiency. The Principles of Winning at Horse Racing. Employ a Sound Money Management Strategy It is impossible to win at horse racing, or any other type of gambling, if you do not have a sound money management plan.

Your edge, can be expressed as follows: Maintain an Adequate Bankroll Dedicated to Horse Race Wagering The size of your bankroll depends largely upon the amount that you click here comfortable betting on the races. Always Insist on Both Value and Price Before Placing a Bet Limiting your wagering to situations where you have both value and price is an important winning factor that many otherwise good handicappers often overlook.

Value is a much more complicated subject than price. Master Your Handicapping Method Here is a winning factor that you don't really see discussed. Winning at horse racing takes work.

Sports Betting for a Living? Earning Money from Gambling? Make money gambling horses

Gambling Facts and Fictions. Realities of the Gambling Industry. Factual Laws of Gambling. Professional Handicappers - too good to be true. Day Trading Money Away. Who Can You Call? The Fallacy of Online Poker Gambling. Gambling Facts and Fictions: The Anti-Gambling Handbook to get yourself to stop gambling, quit gambling or never start gambling. You may consider yourself or want to be a horse racing handicapper. What a great life make money gambling horses would be if you were a winning professional horse racing handicapper.

You could work whenever you wanted. You could make unlimited amounts of money. You could make money gambling horses all over the world and make withdrawals at each racetrack.

You make money gambling horses live like a king. Read more all, horse racing is called the sport of kings. Sound too good to be true? Many books written about horse race handicapping would like you to believe that winning money can be true.

The horse race gambling industry would also like you to just click for source this. Betting on horses utilizing handicapping is the same as betting on random numbers as far as a profitable outcome is concerned because all of these statistics give you only an indication of an outcome, never a predictable outcome.

The next chapter will clearly show all this. The popularity of horse race betting among certain people who may believe that someday they could make money, makes this one of the biggest sucker games in the gambling industry.

The greatest handicappers may win for a day or a week, but the truths of the Factual Laws of Gambling will always catch up and obliterate the winning continue reading and the original bankroll. The Factual Laws of Gambling applies to every human being on earth including you.

Whenever there is any takeout or house edge, then eventually all players will be ground out and lose their entire bankroll. As longtime horse race bettors know, losing an entire bankroll does not take very long especially with the availability to bet on hundreds of races per day through simulcasting. It does not matter what sophisticated handicapping method or gambling system you may try.

The Factual Laws of Gambling applies to you. Every gambler is losing money at the horse racetrack. Anyone who writes or talks about a system or method for making money gambling at the racetrack is an absolute boldfaced liar. There never was and never will be a system or method for making money betting on horses.

The only way to beat the horse races is to never bet on them. The addicted players at the racetrack which are the folks who go there several times or more per week, each one check this out them wishes on their dear life that they could get even for all the years of losing money.

Unfortunately these make money gambling horses will never make money gambling horses back their lost money. Fortunately if everyone stays away from the racetrack starting right now, then everyone including the addicted players from this moment on are officially even.

So today or any other day do not start gambling at the racetrack. In make money gambling horses racetrack parking lot take a look sometime at the cars of the gamblers. A numerous amount are old, dented or shabby. By staying away from the guaranteed losses at the racetrack, these people would have the money to buy a better automobile. They suffer not just with an inferior car, but throughout their gambling lives by getting shortchanged on many other things that money can buy because of losing money again and again at the racetrack.

For most gamblers the yearned for end point is to make money. You already know or will know after reading this book that making money at the racetrack and all other forms of house gambling is make money gambling horses. You will fully know and understand why it is impossible. Whatever thrills you wish to make money gambling horses, fun you want to have, self-abuse you want to inflict upon yourself or for whatever reason at all please do not do apps casino real online by gambling.

Gambling is too expensive. You can never afford it so stay away from it. Do not go up to the racetrack betting window. Do not walk into the racetrack. Do not drive into the racetrack parking lot.

Always drive by the racetrack and all other gambling buildings and sites. Any perceived fun, recreation and entertainment of wagering will always eventually turn into financial loss or ruin. You do not need any of that so do not start make money gambling horses process of making a first bet of the day.

Get through each day by avoiding a first bet. Making a first bet gambling whether it is the first bet of the day, the first bet in five years or the first bet of your life, will result in losing money to some degree. So never make that first bet. Throughout your life, you will meet or hear about people with success stories in all walks of life. From business owners to janitors who methodically earn money, save it as best they can and then gradually make money gambling horses wealth of some kind.

Even a janitor can live a decent, prosperous life. You cannot accumulate wealth or live a prosperous life by gambling. It is not possible. You can only lose money by gambling so why do it? Please do not do it! There are the so-called professional horse race handicapping experts who write books, newspaper racing articles and make money gambling horses TV and radio shows with their expert opinions.

They always say that the handicapping game is tough, but there is совершается www online casino vegas cleopatra вытер inference that with their advice, statistical study and some good luck, then you can make money betting on horses.

These "experts" are complete frauds and they of course know that. The only money they make is from the media center or racetrack that pays them to expound their sham about handicapping.

Would someone beating the horse races write a book or teach a class telling you how to do it? If they were making a fortune at the racetrack, would they need to work for a newspaper writing horse racing stories and handicapping articles? Would they write articles lcb forum books with "proof" and "documentation" about systems which they know will never work.

Of course they would because that is exactly what they have done and continue to do. These so-called and self-called professional handicappers have very convincingly told many people that the impossible dream of beating the horse races is real.

The only real thing about making money at the racetrack is that it is an impossible dream. These authors are all lying phonies. They deceive you with their "speed system" this or their "pace system" that. In some click to see more they may have even believed themselves that they could win because they may have had a short-term winning streak.

Of course when the truths of the Factual Laws of Gambling kick in and then the authors lose back all of the article source money and more, they conveniently forget to mention that in their books. As the Factual Laws of Gambling asserts, there are not any real winning streaks in gambling. In gambling, these authors will lose and their pied-piper lemming readers will always fall make money gambling horses the edge of the financial cliff when following this misguided advice.

So do not let yourself get caught up in believing these articles and books that the authors know are not true and now you know are not true. Gambling industry authors are further discussed in other chapters.

The absolute worst thing that can happen to horse racetrack patrons is make money gambling horses win some money the first time they go. Then they could possibly get hooked on the perceived fun, recreation and entertainment of watching the races, rooting for the horses and believing money can be made. All of that always leads to financial loss. It is not worth it. Ask any of those addicted racetrack players if they would permanently give up watching and betting on horses if they could have back all or part of the money lost betting on horses read article the years.

Every one of them who is not senile will give you a very emphatic, "Yes! You absolutely, positively, do not have any chance of permanently winning money at the horse racetrack. So do not make that first or next bet. Try watching a horse race live or on TV without betting on it.

It is actually boring. Even make money gambling horses the Kentucky Derby is a bore without making a bet. Horse racing is interesting to the horse owners who try to win the purse monies.

So let the horse owners spend their money on horses and race them. Do not gamble and support them. In fact, horse racing is so pathetic that even most of the horse make money gambling horses also lose money. So just forget about any idea of buying and make money gambling horses horses. Even the owners betting on their own horses when thinking that their horses are in shape ready to win, also lose money betting in the long run.

Just ask any of them and they will have to answer truthfully that they lose money betting on their make money gambling horses horses at the racetrack. If racehorse owners want to bet as to who make money gambling horses the fastest horse that day, then so be it.

How to win lots of money at horse racing

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