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User Rating based on 2 reviews. It's like, Oh my God! Can't you just, like, smell the orange blossoms and liquor? Offers, promotions and rates subject to change and may vary based upon date, length of stay and other factors. Some offers do not include taxes and fees. All offers based on availability and are subject to change without notice.

The South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa Las Vegas started life being as drearily dull as possible, but it has spruced up, added some desirable restaurants and improved the gaming floor. It's still for a quiet crowd and it aims squarely for the middle. It's sort of like the Toyota Camry of casinos. Awesome staff, very nice rooms and a are there dollar blackjack tables in vegas casino with better odds by far than the article source. Staff is always friendly and helpfull, poker room staff are my favorite in Vegas.

Some great restaurants, loved Habby Apr 3, I arrived on a busy Here afternoon and seen the long line of cars at check in, I was in and out in 5 minutes not the usual 30 at a strip hotel. The rooms were large sq. Staff was courteous and helpful The rooms at South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa Las Vegas are slightly better than average sized rooms with nice furnishings in a sort of depressing mix of yellows and browns.

The only real highlight is the humongous plasma screen on the wall that broadcasts mostly unspectacular local channels. In the regular rooms for us regular folk you have your choice of a king a love-seat by the window, or two queens with a reading chair or watching TV chair--your choice.

Internet is available for a are there dollar blackjack tables in vegas daily fee. There is a coffee machine in each room, and thankfully, they don't charge you to use that. The plan for South Point Hotel Las Vegas is for a much larger hotel and much larger casino, eventually, but that hasn't happened yet. In the meantime, expect average service without the pampering the much more expensive places like the Bellagio up the road offer.

Shampoo, conditioner and a tiny bottle of mouthwash. We don't think it's got alcohol in it, though. We are there dollar blackjack tables in vegas several off the maid's cart and never got drunk but man did we smell minty fresh. They aren't going to try to shock you with loud nightclubs or coddle you are there dollar blackjack tables in vegas overpriced restaurants.

South Point Hotel and Casino Vegas has an above average, large lagoon-shaped pool. The main pool is long and good for swimming, even if it is shallow. There is also a wading pool if you have kiddies or don't want to get your shorts wet.

A pool-side deli serves snacks. Craps has lousy 2x odds. Five bucks for the cheapest but not best blackjack, and the same for craps. Roulette has dollar chips. A ton of slots, about 40 of them for every table, and it's almost all new stuff, mostly video and all tickets, not coins. The video poker selection is very good, and there are there dollar blackjack tables in vegas some full pay at the quarter and higher level.

South Point Hotel and Casino Vegas definitely has good cocktail service. It is not at the level play machines for free no downloads the best Downtown Vegas service where they can get you drunk fifteen minutes in, but it is better than the Vegas Strip standard. Comps will accrue for all slot play, but not in any fast are there dollar blackjack tables in vegas. The race seats all have individual TVs. The chairs for racing are totally average, except the better lounge-style seating in the bar and the better chairs in the sports book area.

There are 18 windows. Grab the cocktail waitresses when they go by. Don't literally grab them, though. Trust us, security will be on you like nobody's business. The sports book has been expanded and we haven't seen it in its final form yet. The good news is the wagering on sports is pretty fair. This is a large and friendly room, not pretentious or fancy, but solid for the low-limit player.

The desk in the center is large and useful for managing the room. Average quality chairs - but with rollers, average tables. If you have a tender bum, the soft peach leather covering of the seats should help. Plus, the seats roll, so you never ever have to get out of them. Need to take a piss? Just wheel yourself to the bathroom and go. The room at South Point Las Vegas Hotel, Casino and Spa is very large and spacious and fairly removed from the rest of the casino but it is not closed.

There is one side that has a half-height fence, so we wouldn't are there dollar blackjack tables in vegas it closed. It is not noisy, are there dollar blackjack tables in vegas. Lots and lots of Hold Em. Thank you, TV, for ruining the other games. Earn bupkus while you sit outside the room asking passers by for gas money.

There are some high hand bonuses. A fairly accomplished group of players. You can expect the talent to be better now that they have expanded. The low-max rake is a pretty good deal. There are multiple tournaments every day which are a decent deal. We like one king so we can cuddle.

The beds have super comfy bedding and we always love the black-out drapes. It's like the sun never comes up in Vegas, or maybe we just slept all day and didn't notice. Who doesn't like to prank call friends while peeing? It's also air-conditioned and you can smoke. Take our little test and smoke a cig while making the pee-pee, and call Mom all at the same time and see if she notices. Better if attempted after a few drinks.

This 1,square-foot suite is on the verge of being really cool. If you want to impress the ladies without spending a crap-ton, the one bedroom suite is a good call. It comes with one king bed, a inch LED TV, black-out drapes, four-chair dining set, view of the mountains are there dollar blackjack tables in vegas Vegas has mountainsoval tub are there dollar blackjack tables in vegas separate shower, bathrobes, slippers, and our favorite - a TV in the bathroom.

So you can watch TV while praying to the porcelain God. Such a great idea. You may as well just live in the bathroom, it's mostly marble. The Professional Suite comes with one king bed, super comfy plush-top mattress, and down comforter. Although it's not as big as the One Bedroom Suite, it's still good size at square-feet. Plenty of room to entertain the ladies or wallow in your loneliness, whatever the case may be. The room comes with black-out drapes, wireless high-speed Internet, a desk with leather swivel-chair, MP3 docking station, coffee maker and awesome bathroom.

Marble vanity, bathrobes, slippers, and a bathroom phone make this the best room in the place. I arrived on a busy Friday afternoon and seen the long line of cars at check in, I was in and out in 5 minutes not the usual 30 at a strip hotel. Staff was courteous and helpful. They are just a few freeway exits from the strip. My next trip I will definitely be returning to South Point. Habby Would click here to a friend.

Some great restaurants, loved the bowling alley, one of the hugest bowling facilities Here ever seen. Was shocked the suite was soooooooooooo big. Get ready to laugh I highly recommend Carrot Top I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard at a comedy Cheapo Vegas Have an account? Create new account Request new password.

Resort Fees Casino Boy Graveyard. South Point Vegas User Rating based on 2 reviews 4. A Quick Look Location: Other Hotels like South Point Hotel. Boulder Station Vegas Class: The Skinny The South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa Las Vegas started life being as drearily dull as possible, but it has spruced up, added some desirable restaurants and improved the gaming floor.

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You can play dollar blackjack right now—and smack in the middle of the Strip, no less. There are typically two tables in action with six seats each. The dealer hits soft 17 badand doubling down after splitting is allowed goodbut—and this is the big negative—blackjack pays Unfortunately, it gets worse. Anthony Curtis is the publisher of the Las Vegas Advisor. Subscribe to our mailing list. Social Influence 2 are there dollar blackjack tables in vegas ago. The Deal 1 week ago.

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And see what's on the mouthwatering menu. Here is Vegas Seven's guide to tasting, seeing and hearing all the festival has to offer, from the first afternoon set to the final headliner. Features 3 months ago. Our eighth annual celebration are there dollar blackjack tables in vegas all things Las Vegas, from the best casino comebacks to irresistible pot products.

Get the scoop, subscribe to our newsletter. More Reads For You. Pets Issue 4 months ago Lovable Leo. Popular on Vegas Seven. In the Wake of Tragedy. Films That Go Bump in the Casino tech jobs canada.

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